Today I received the copyedited manuscript for my third book, and will spend the next weeks going over it with a fine- or medium-tooth comb. When it arrives in stores in April 2005, will be called 36 YALTA BOULEVARD.

For anyone keeping track, this is the last in a series of retitlings, which end up taking the form of debates with my editor, and compromises (on both sides, I hope), because, as I’ve learned, titles aren’t my strong point.

So now, YOU can know the titles that preceded it and were nixed either by myself or someone else, in chronological order. Go ahead — impress your friends with your trivia knowledge:

People of the Apparatus


Anno Domini


The Vienna Resident

The Shoulder, The Jowls

The Tourist

The Man from Yalta Boulevard

Yalta Boulevard 36 (The publisher liked this, but insisted on an American address, number first.)