Despite my profession, I’m not a huge consumer of books. I read very slowly, and often a sentence makes my mind wander to my own work and I find myself at the computer again, scribbling away. But not long ago I made contact with a fellow crime-writer, name of Kevin Wignall, a Brit who’s often confused for a Belgian for some reason. We did a little book-trade, and I was so damn pleased by his debut, People Die, that I had to mention it here. This novel works into your brain like a scalpel and stays with you. The “hero”, a detached hit-man, goes emotionally beyond what you’d ever expect in this sub-genre of crime fiction, and the prose is graceful and well-honed in a way another writer can really appreciate.

Please check him out.

While you do that, I’m getting my sweaty fingers into his second, For the Dogs.

(Originally posted at the Contemporary Nomad)