A month late, I’ve always felt, is better than nothing. And I live by this maxim.

The Monocle has returned with its third issue.

You’ll notice that on the surface it’s slimmer than before, but that’s only illusion. Largely because of this admittedly infrequent blog, I find I have little fresh to say. So I’m trying a new tact, bringing in talent from this side of the Atlantic for your reading pleasure. Who knows where it will go?

For this issue, besides a piece by myself, there are two contributors—John Nadler, a tango-dancing Canadian journalist, and Robin Hunt (see bottom-most entry on the linked page), an English ne’er do well. With each contributor’s piece is a link to this blog, where you should feel free to note your comments on anything you’ve read below. The pieces, I feel, will inevitably provoke a response of some kind.

(Originally posted at the Contemporary Nomad)