No, not that irregular commenter who lays into your ignorance in the backblog and flees. But the anonymous people history ignores.

The Croatian Skarabej-Online Museum of Old Family Photographs (catchy title, no?) is trying to “do something to remember the anonymous people in this world. The people who really make the world go round.”

“We are inspired by the things people throw away, forget or what seems to be irrelevant. We are inspired by the beauty and ephemerality. [B]eauty is not just what is new, tehnically perfect, flat, symmetrical, neat etc. We see beauty in a photograph that failed, rough wall, rusted key, unskilly painted wood and so on.”

And they see it well—I suggest you check it out. The pictures really are wonderful and full of texture. Evocative and fresh in their own way. You can even contribute. I expect this site to grow by leaps and bounds.

(Thanks to Drew for the heads-up.)

(Originally posted at the Contemporary Nomad)