…to say I’ll be pretty silent over the next week and probably through most of the month. This is due to edits on Victory Square, the last book of my Eastern European series. The more I dig, the more I find to fix, and the more I fret about getting it all done to my own satisfaction by my end-of-the-month deadline. Were this not the cap to the series I’ve spent 5 years writing, I might not be so anxious—but it is, and I am!

It’s also a bit of an emotional experience, because this is where I’ll be saying goodbye to characters who have accompanied me through some of the most eventful years of my life. In a sense, it’s liberating, because I’ll no longer be tied to the Cold War for my inspiration. But like saying goodbye to any old friend, it’s also full of melancholy.

More on that later, when it’s done. Cheers.

(Originally posted at the Contemporary Nomad)