the last 4 days, I’ve been computerless. I still am (I’m writing this on my girlfriend’s Mini), but since the sudden failure of my hard drive was clearly a terrorist-related event (what else but the global Jihad could be responsible?), I thought I’d link to an interesting site, MEMRI: The Middle-East Media Research Institute.

I don’t usually show off links found from CNN, but it’s got some interesting sections, in particular the Islamist Websites Monitor Project, which lets you see jihadist training videos from all over the world. You can also find interesting articles, like the verbosely titled, “How Did Men Succeed in Convincing Women to Transform the Free Personality That Allah Endowed Them With Into Enslaved Characters Wearing an Abaya?” Check it out.

And keep in mind the stunning piece of terrorist related news from today. No, not my hard drive, but the kidnapping of up to 150 people in a 20-minute raid in Iraq. It boggles the mind.

(Originally posted at the Contemporary Nomad)