Over the last week, as I found myself mostly blog-idealess and generally unable to focus on any work, I’ve been listening to Blackstone Audio (they do my books as well) versions of the Fleming Bond books on my iPod. Earlier in the year, I read the actual paper versions of Diamonds are Forever and From Russia with Love, the first of which was okay, then second of which was excellent.

In anticipation of the new movie, I listened first to Casino Royale, which was really very fine. I mean that completely. It’s extremely simple in scope, but the writing is great, and though the attitudes are certainly dated, it had a great feel to it from beginning to end. I was enraptured.

Poking around, I see from iMDB that a lot of initial reaction to the film is ecstatic, which excites me even more. Has anybody out there seen it? If so, pass on your opinion. I really want to know.


With this in mind, I came across The Rap Sheet’s links to the ranking of Bond Girls. Entertainment Weekly’s 10 Best, 10 Worst, etc. Looking over them made me laugh, reminded me of some real duds, and also made me realize that I actually had an opinion on this score.

Best: Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger (narrowly beating Lotte Lenya as Rosa Klebb in From Russia)

Worst: Much tougher choice here, but I’ll have to go for Tanya’s Roberts’ excruciating Stacey Sutton in A View To a Kill

You? Or maybe you feel stronger about Bond Boys?

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