Another newspaper review came over the transom today, earmarked for Sunday’s (tomorrow’s) edition of the LA Times. Paula Woods, a fine author in her own right, has given me the great honor of a lengthy review, entitled “Left Out in the Cold”. It’s a wonderful piece, and clearly favorable. She says,

With its plots and counterplots, secret identities and tradecraft taken straight from the Soviet playbook of the day, “Liberation Movements” is an entertaining, if sometimes implausible, read that should put Steinhauer squarely in the front of the pack of today’s espionage writers. And with complex, engaging characters like Gavra and Katja carrying on the work of Emil, Libarid, Brano and the older hands, it is an exhilarating and enjoyable ride.


Olen Steinhauer has outdone himself with LIBERATION MOVEMNETS, the fourth book in his series that features a place and a history more than a specific lead. Beginning with 2003’s THE BRIDGE OF SIGHS, Steinhauer has played out the agonizing history of Czechoslovakia during and after its violent political upheaval.

[…] The meticulous interwoven plot of LIBERATION MOVEMENTS runs from character to character, and time frame to time frame. Many authors could lose a reader by setting this challenge before them. Not Steinhauer. This novel is tight, intelligent and incredibly well done.



Edgar Award finalist Steinhauer’s beautifully crafted novels of crime and political intrigue center on various members of the People’s Militia in an unnamed Eastern European country during the Cold War.

[…] Steinhauer’s complex character development factors in the effect of state repression and secrecy on personality and choices. His atmospheric writing also makes liberal use of irony and humor, much of it sardonic. This is a masterful series, which deserves a much larger readership.