It’s been an enormously difficult week here in Budapest for my girlfriend and myself. Our dog, Bogi, who I said a couple weeks ago had something that “might be liver cancer” went in for a biospy a week ago Monday. By the next day his symptoms—weakness, primarily—had become pronounced. On Thursday, he was diagnosed with acute anemia and irreversible Hemangiosarcoma, and over the next three days disintegrated before our eyes. While there seemed to be no real pain involved, only discomfort, he weakened and shrank until, by Sunday, we were carrying him pretty much everywhere. The speed of the disease really threw us into a cloud of confusion and despair. But by early Monday morning, when he started a loud, labored breathing while laying between us in bed, all we could hope for was an easy passing. Within the hour, he arched his back, as if stretching, and expired.

Bogi & Olen