Those in the States might already be very familiar with “Thief”, which brings back the incredible Andre Braugher, who first came to national attention playing Frank Pembleton in “Homicide: Life on the Street”.

I first heard of this show during my last visit to New York, where my girlfriend and I kept seeing Andre’s face on the sides of busses advertising his new show, “Thief”. I’d point and say to her: “Wow! Andre Braugher! I’m so glad he’s back!”

A quick Net search pulls up endless reviews of the show, the reviewers almost unanimously mesmerized by Braugher’s performance. Some say he has that indefinable “it” quality of the greatest of actors. I can buy that.

I’ve watched the first four of its 6 first-season episodes, which move like a miniseries, and its pilot episode hooked me immediately. From

Nick Atwater is a thief who has done a good job of separating his profession from his personal life. However, this all changes after a botched heist reveals all. Later on, Nick returns home to New Orleans and learns that his wife has been involved in an auto accident. This means he has to deal with a stepdaughter who doesn’t like him at all.

Sound simple? It is, but not for long, and with sharp writing and great performances across the board, it hits hard.

I hope its ratings in the States are high, because after the failure of his various series since “Homicide”, I want Braugher back in the spotlight. He’s a dead serious actor who deserves plenty of attention.