As I’ve mentioned here before, the Internet Archive, with its extensive collection of public-license video, audio and text, is a major, and sometimes stunning, resource for everyone. And it’s not static at all—I recently came across a newer section called “German Cinema”. The name’s misleading, as it contains just one filmmaker’s work—namely Lutz Mommartz.

Who’s Lutz? Learn, as I did:

The Lutz Mommartz Film Archive is a collection of the film works of German film-maker Lutz Mommartz, considered to be one of the pioneers in the film genre known as the “other cinema”. Mommartz was born in Erkelenz in 1934 and spent most of his life in Dusseldorf. He began making movies in 1967 and eventually became Professor of Film at the Kunstakademie Munster. He still lives and works in Germany, dividing his time between Dusseldorf and Berlin.

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