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picks of the weekJames Clar praised the book

maybe [Steinhauer’s] best novel to date. Elegant and entertaining […] this is a book of emotional depth and political sophistication. More than simply a thriller or “spy novel,” this is a story of rare philosophical profundity. […Y]ou’re sure to enjoy this installment in what is rapidly becoming one of the most unique and compelling series of its kind being written today.

called it his “must read book of the year (so far)”

I started Liberation Movements on my lunch hour yesterday and then went home after work and started reading again. I ended up staying up late just to finish it. I was so enthralled that I just had to keep reading. […] Olen Steinhauer has really honed his craft. Olen weaves in elements of spy thriller, mystery, police procedural, and literary novel into one captivating story. […] There is also a philosophical depth underneath it all as Steinhauer explores issues like how our past determines out future, free will, etc…

Trust me, these books are the perfect way to spend the last six weeks or so of summer. If you are looking for entertaining and thought provoking reads, Steinhauer is hard to beat.