Kate Muir in the London Times tells us she is

In the library feeling bereft because my regular afternoon tea companion Robin Hunt is leaving today to walk for five months across Europe. Alone. On a shoestring. He is, of course, quite mad, but somehow I never thought he’d actually go. Grown-ups nearing their (ahem) half century tend not to commit such rash acts. Even smug gap-year students prefer less gruelling activities, usually a longhaul flight to somewhere toasty and exotic, a month in an orphanage, and then 11 more on the beach not writing their novel.

But Robin, who has previously featured here in a “late developers” column, is taking his gap year right now, after a long and peculiar career in journalism, wiredness and predicting the future. One day, snuffling in the British Library, Robin found a book called Coryat’s Crudities by Thomas Coryat…

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