New York Magazine has just done something similar to the Rap Sheet’s recent attempt to chart those crime novels that should’ve gotten more attention. My agent drew my attention to what New York Mag calls “The Best Books You Never Read”, and at first I thought she was just pointing me to more erudite reading matter. But then I got to the third page (and there’s no ranking here, since everyone except the winner got 1 vote—the winner got 2) and realized why. Novelist and critic Paula L. Woods (of both the WaPo and LA Times) listed both The Confession and Liberation Movements (UK: Istanbul Variations) as her vote. Imagine how tickled I was.

Add to that the realization that Dick Adler’s contribution to the Rap Sheet’s list was The Bridge of Sighs, and I’ve got 3 out of 4. Since these lists are for books no one’s reading, my joy from the recognition is tempered a touch by the fact that I’m also 3 for 4 in terms of being ignored by the public. But let’s ignore that. I’m just plain pleased.

Thanks to Dick and Paula, both of whom have really supported my work so graciously and well over the years.

* * * * * *

Note: The next morning, feeling less self-obsessed, I notice that the NY list is part of a general “Literary Idol” bit with some fun articles that, surprisingly, don’t use my name at all. Like the little NY boys’ club of recognized yet low-selling authors—members of “an anxious middle ground”—in which we learn that “There’s a bit of Elsa, She-Mistress of the SS, in Akhil [Sharma].”

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