Two notes on some fellow-travelers:

poyellow.jpgA Camera, a Laptop, and a Dream

First, we here at the Nomad are pleased to learn that, as of last Thursday, Robin has officially survived France. His route will bring him back, briefly, to this treacherous land, but for now he’s in Italy, having safely crossed the EU non-border. Given the amount of interesting cultural reflection, anecdotes, media talk and photography he’s been pumping out over the last month, all of it great fun, I’m surprised there have been so few comments. So do take a moment to visit Betwixt, read a little, and give Robin some feedback. He’s flying solo, after all.

The Hope

And over at the NYT, the same place that so kindly praised his book, Budapest transplant Adam LeBor has his say on the editing of Israel’s national anthem—“Hatikvah”.

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