(I’ll do some non-my-book posts soon, but right now that’s all I’ve got.)

Victory Square

Truth is, I’d meant to actually print up the book in a limited edition to send to supportive reviewers and give away to readers, but the intersection of poverty and life put an end to that. But putting it up as an e-book was a fine enough fallback plan.

The second extra I put up is textual. As plenty of you well know, Victory Square started life as a 1000-page book called Falling Sickness, and 400 were written before the plans were changed. It includes the image to the left (the fictional local car that, in the original book, was going to play a central role) and about 95 pages of excerpts. Never know who might be interested in those. And anyway, I didn’t write those pages thinking they’d be shoved into the back of my computer for eternity.

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