Over at Collected Miscellany, true to his word, Mr. Holtsberry has read them all once again, reached the conclusion, and returned to report on his adventures.

Victory Square is an exciting and thought provoking fictional portrayal of the historic events of 1989. It is both a suspenseful espionage thriller with enough twists and turns - and surprises and betrayals - to keep you frantically turning the pages and an insightful meditation on the corruption and compromise that comes with totalitarianism; and the difficult personal choices such a system involves.

Olen Steinhauer has brought this series to a successful conclusion and should add to his deserved high reputation among critics. If you haven’t yet discovered this gem of a series, I can’t recommend them enough. Anyone with an interest in the Cold War would be foolish to miss out, but they are much more than simply Cold War spy books. Let’s hope that this final book helps get that message out.