letouristeIn the morning we’re off to Paris, where my French publisher will put me in front of a few journalists for the ol’ question-and-answer. We’re looking forward to it, and having learned our lesson last summer, will trust our transportation to the skies.

I’m not sure I’ll get much of a chance to post here before our return Thursday, but I’m contractually obliged (well, not really) to keep up a presence over at Moments in Crime, the Minotaur blog. I’ll be posting there from Monday, and if I get a chance I’ll do as before and link from here to there to make life easy for all.

But before heading off, I’ve noticed a quick mention of the new book over at Time Magazine, as part of its “Short Takes” round-up of interesting work in a variety of media. Says Richard Corliss:


The Tourist. Remember John le Carré before he became socially conscious? When he wrote about beaten-down, morally directionless spies? In other words, when he was good? That’s how Olen Steinhauer writes in this tale of a world-weary spook who can’t escape the old game.