PeopleThe news is that The Tourist remains on the extended NYT list at #24—that’s three weeks, which is no small feat, particularly as the book’s been out a full month by now.

A move in the other direction would be lovely, and given that a little magazine called People just reviewed the book, this remains quite possible.

It’s also #7 on the Dallas/Ft. Worth-area list, and though I can’t find the link now, earlier in the week I saw it was at the same number on California’s beautiful Marin county list.

Lit agent Janet Reid also said something very nice about the book.

So all in all, things are coming along very well. Now I’m sitting down to begin work on the third part of the Milo Weaver trilogy, just a couple pages actually typed, and I’m wondering how on earth it’s all going to turn out. Interestingly, I hope.