Or somesuch. As I hinted at a couple weeks ago, a surprise was in the making, and he’s here now. Witness, David Liss:

His forthcoming novel (okay, we’ll just call it his forthcoming bestseller) is called The Devil’s Company, and will be published in July. From his bio:

He has five previous bestselling novels: A Conspiracy of Paper, winner of the 2000 Edgar Award for Best First Novel, The Coffee Trader, A Spectacle of Corruption, The Ethical Assassin and The Whiskey Rebels.

Not only does the word “bestselling” describe his five previous novels, but he’s also an Edgar winner. If we here at the Nomad don’t break our own teeth from jealousy, we might get along. Because among his other accomplishments, David has become the new member—or, fifth wheel (time will tell)—of the Contemporary Nomad.

But what all this acclaim cannot communicate—and what I learned when I met him in Italy—is that he’s a hell of a guy with a terrific sense of humor and charm. Style? In spades. And a family man to boot. Now, that’s class.

Which of course makes him a perfect match for the Nomad.

So please, welcome Mr. Liss to our virtual world. He’ll be posting presently.