At least, this is how I interpret the title of Mr. Liss’s latest, The Devil’s Company, which appears on bookstore shelves, virtual and real, today. I can only assume from the title that it’s about a dotcom startup headed by Satan himself.

As he points out at his personal blog, TDC (wait a minute…that abbreviation looks familiar…) has already garnered praise from the smart and tasteful folks at The San Antonio Express News. Waste no time tracking it down, because The Devil’s Company

…is more than just a finely written mystery. Liss injects thoughtful discussion of issues that should resonate in the best university business courses. Corporate ethics at the British East India Company appear to resemble those of Wall Street companies this decade…. Liss accomplishes this within an engaging, intelligent and entertaining narrative that also illuminates London’s 18th-century lifestyles and urban landscapes. The dialogue is sharply turned, and the humor is deliciously subtle.