hvar1I wanted to drop in to apologize for the lack of posts from me here (except one I deleted—I apparently let a secret out before its time). The family and I spent a lovely couple weeks on the Croatian island of Hvar, our first “proper” vacation (meaning: one that had nothing to do with work) for a long time. As luck had it, though, the second week was invaded by illness, which democratically spread to us all, giving us hefty doses of fever that we brought back home to us. Oh, well.

During this time, and since, I’ve been editing the still-untitled follow-up to The Tourist. Various titles have arisen, such as:


The Mole

The Means

Crashing the Same Car


and of course The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You

James & Nora


Portrait of the Artist as a Young ManUlyssesFinnegans Wake

The Touristthatnext