As I mentioned before, the paperback of The Tourist (Indie, Amazon, B&N) will be released soon—on Tuesday the 16th, in fact. Back when it came out in hardback, I wondered what kind of extra material I might put up to accompany the book. In this case, an obvious proposition came to me—put together a soundtrack.

Those of you who know the book know that music plays an important part in it, and I used iTunes to put together a choice selection of 12 pretty cool tunes that are either featured in the novel, or acted as some kind of inspiration to me while writing it. I put together an iMix (as Apple likes to call them), but never got around to publishing it. Life, as usual, got in the way. But it’s paperback time now, which is a fine time to get the thing up. If it doesn’t convince you to buy The Tourist, then at least it’ll introduce you to some fine music that, perhaps, you’ve never met before.

Be forewarned: There’s a definite French slant to the mix. It was that kind of year, I suppose.

Hopefully you’ve got iTunes running on your machine, as clicking the picture of France Gall below should open up the program and let you listen to 30 second blocks of each song. (Or, the direct link to the mix is here.) If not, you’ve at least got a list of tunes to check out on your own.