A little while ago, Kate Horsley over at the relaunched Crimeculture asked me and Kevin to do a two-way interview for the site. Because of our schedules, it took a while, but proved to be a fun and interesting experience, delving into the writing process, themes, receiving fan letters from hit men, not receiving them from John Wayne or James Bond…and many, many more subjects. It’s now been posted over here, and the issue even contains a joint review of Who is Conrad Hirst and The Tourist—a really in-depth piece that’s more essay than review. See what I mean.

To be honest, before hearing about this relaunch some months ago from Kevin, I didn’t know anything about Crimeculture and its previous incarnation—my loss. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of learning about Crimeculture by reading its numerous articles—both reviews an examinations of the genre as a whole—really terrific stuff. It’s worth a bookmark for anyone interested in the culture of crime fiction.