Tourism Touring

As usual, I’m behind the curve on posting what’s going on around here. I’ve spent the last week in Serbia, where network connections are not always as they might be, and the last couple days have been spent trying to leave Europe, despite a certain Icelandic volcano’s best efforts to thwart my plans.

At the moment — and, finally — I’m in New York, where today I’ll be happily signing copies of The Nearest Exit at Partners & Crime as well as The Mysterious Bookshop. Tonight I’ll be doing a reading/signing over at the Barnes & Noble at 2289 Broadway. Tomorrow I’ll be doing a NY Times Book Review audio interview (!) before flying to DC to do my thing at the Borders at 1801 K Street. Friday, I fly to Houston to visit with the fine folks at Murder by the Book and share the limelight with Andrew Grant, author of Die Twice and Even. THEN, it’s off to my old stomping grounds of Austin to see my family (who I haven’t seen in, like, forever) and have a sit-down with the Book People in that great town…

Why all this? Because yesterday The Nearest Exit was released! And its release was greeted by a great AP review that’s being reprinted absolutely everywhere.

The Case of the Overlooked Books

Another thing I forgot to mention before was that Keir Graff, the man behind the curtain at Booklist, asked me and some other authors to recommend books that might have gotten less attention than — or lost the attention — they deserve. My entry can be found over at Likely Stories, his ever-sharp blog, and I suggest heading over there to check out all the Overlooked Books on tap.

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