The New York Times does me good

Over the last week or so, The Nearest Exit has gotten some great attention from the NYT. Back on Sunday the 23rd, Joshua Hammer’s “Milo’s People” looked at the book saying that it “reprises the themes of The Tourist, with even more success”—nice words, and it only gets better after that.

Also, I was featured on the Book Review Podcast—direct mp3 link here. Chatting with Sam Tanenhaus was a real pleasure once I’d gotten over my awe of walking the Book Review’s corridors.

Last Friday, Janet Maslin gave her take in a round-up review of new fiction peculiarly titled “Fangs and Other Fluff, Completely Guilt-Free,” where I’m keeping great company with Grisham, Dave Barry, Carl Hiassen, among others. The Nearest Exit, she says, is “terrific.”

As if that weren’t enough, I’m even down as an Editor’s Choice.

The book has also received attention from Margaret Cannon at the Globe and Mail—thank you, Canada!

We’re hoping for some more reviews in the next week, but one really never knows what and when until the reviews are published, so I won’t make any predictions here.

Spy Fiction

Also, through this blog I met with Johnny B, who runs the new Spy Fiction site (, and he was kind enough to interview me for it. You can read the interview here, and take some time to poke around the site. They’re still assembling the pieces, but it looks like it’ll become something special for fans of spy-fi before long.


This just in from USA Today: “Like a good spy thriller? Head for Steinhauer’s ‘Nearest Exit’”. The whole review’s here, and it’s a really nice one.

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