A month or so ago we closed down the Contemporary Nomad, and as I focused on my next book—American Express, just turned in—I thought I’d give silence a try, like writers of old. However, things keep coming up that I want to share, and as people have said excellent things about tumblr, I thought, Why not give it a go?

Expect short pieces here. Where on the Nomad I sometimes tried to argue things in vaguely essayistic form, here I’m hoping to pass on vignettes using words, occasional images, and links to items of interest.

For the moment, I’m just going to use this as a single-direction mouthpiece. That is, I’ll distribute news and tidbits but avoid conversation, like a mad letter writer or someone for whom the interconnectedness of the internet is a complete mystery (let’s hope I’m neither). Right now, this is the best thing for me—and my writing—but eventually I’m sure I’ll enter the fray of two-way relationships again. They’re healthier, I’m told.

Anyway, I’ve got various items to post in the coming week, like the just-finished novel, so feel free to come back now and then. Cheers.