I’ll be returning soon to the Nomad—my work on this book in very close to complete—but I wanted to pop in briefly because of yet more chaos here in Budapest. It’s a continuation of the previous weeks’ demonstrations against Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurscany, compounded by the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution against the Soviets. Compounded, or confused—both words work well enough.

I wasn’t in town when things blew up again, nor was Mr Nadler (he’s in Canada), but a friend and true blog magnate, Erik D’Amato, was not only in town, but lives in an apartment on Bajcsi Zsilinski, a main thoroughfare that saw some heavy action. Don’t believe me? Go to Pestiside.hu, where the usual front page has been replaced with two YouTube video feeds shot from Erik’s dining room window.


Update: Pestiside has gone back to its original format, and I don’t see the videos Erik shot anymore. However, it’s been replaced by a lengthy and informative article that should shed some light on yesterday’s events.

Also, for a nice assemblage of photo/video and some tongue-in-cheek commentary, visit the Riots In Hungary blog.

(Originally posted at the Contemporary Nomad)